Whether you’re lurking a new subreddit or want to erase past browsing, scrubbing your Reddit history is surprisingly easy. Forget digital breadcrumbs – this guide reveals two simple methods to vanish your activity, both on the Reddit app and website.

1. App Annihilation: Clearing Local History

Mobile Redditors, rejoice! Your incognito browsing dreams are about to come true. Here’s how to banish your app history:

  • Open the Reddit app.
  • Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Scroll down and tap “Clear local history”. Boom, vanished!

2. Website Whisperer: Erasing Browsing and Search Habits

Desktop detectives, fear not! Your Reddit footprint can be just as invisible. Here’s how to clean your slate on the website:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “User Settings” from the menu.
  • Click on “Privacy & Security” tab.
  • Scroll down and click “Clear history”. Goodbye, ghost of posts past!

Bonus Tip: Vanishing Search Magic

Want to disappear even further? Both app and website let you delete individual search terms:

  • Click or tap the search bar.
  • Hover over your search terms and click the “X” to delete them one by one.

Peace of Mind, Plus Cat-Browsing Secrecy:

With your history gone, you can browse free of worry. Whether you’re concerned about privacy, cleaning up past comments, or simply keeping your cat-browsing habits under wraps, these methods grant you the ultimate Reddit anonymity.

Further Disappearing Acts:

Want to go full-on Houdini? Here are some extra tips:

  • Delete old posts and comments: Head to your profile page and click the three dots next to unwanted content.
  • Disable autofill: This prevents search bars from remembering your past queries.
  • Use Incognito Mode: For ultimate discretion, browse incognito on your browser.

So, don’t let your Reddit history haunt you. With these simple tricks, you can vanish like a ninja and reclaim your online anonymity. Now go forth and explore the depths of Reddit, safe in the knowledge that your tracks are covered!


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