Step 1: Access Your Epic Games Account

Forget battling the Storm, this is the only fight you’ll have. Head over to the Epic Games website and log in. Once you’re in, click on your Account Info page. This is where the magic happens.

Step 2: Embrace Your Inner Name Weaver

Under the General section, you’ll see a glorious box labeled Display Name. This is your chance to shine! Type in your desired name, something that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies (or at least makes them chuckle). Remember, you can only change your name every two weeks, so choose wisely!

Pro Tip: Feeling uninspired? Check out the Tips & Tricks section below for some awesome name ideas.

Step 3: Claim Your New Identity

Hit that Save Changes button and voila! You’re officially reborn. Now, launch Fortnite and watch your new name grace the leaderboards, strike fear into your foes, and attract a whole new squad of awesome teammates.

Bonus Round: Platform-Specific Savvy

While the steps above are the same for all platforms, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Console players: You can also change your name directly through your console’s settings, but it will ultimately update your Epic Games account name.
  • Mobile warriors: The process is slightly different on mobile, but don’t worry, it’s still a breeze. Just head over to the Settings menu within the game and you’ll find the Display Name option there.

Tips & Tricks for Crafting the Perfect Fortnite Name:

  • Keep it short and sweet: A memorable name is key, so avoid long, unwieldy monikers.
  • Get creative: Think puns, references, or even inside jokes with your squad.
  • Embrace your personality: Let your name reflect who you are on the battlefield, whether it’s a fearless warrior or a mischievous prankster.
  • Check for availability: Before you get your hopes up, use the search bar on the Epic Games website to see if your desired name is taken.

Remember, your name is your Fortnite identity. Choose wisely, wear it proudly, and dominate the Battle Royale with newfound confidence!

And don’t forget! Check out the accompanying video for a visual guide and even more awesome name ideas. Let’s go, legends!