Today I’m going to talk about how to post items on Facebook Marketplace.  Facebook is a great place to sell your items fast and make a few extra bucks. Before we get to posting your item, make sure you’re logged into Facebook under the account you want to use and go to Marketplace under that account. You can find Marketplace at the top of your Facebook feed (the icon looks like a store).

  1. To start your post, find “Create Your Listing” in the left-hand menu.
  2. Choose your listing type (item, vehicle, or home).
  3. Choose item and it will take you to a preview of the listing.  You can start filling in details from here. 
  4. Go ahead and add photos to your listing. Just click “Add Photos” and find the saved photos you want to use.  Make sure you’re using high quality images.
  5. how to post items on Facebook Marketplace
  6. You should see your photos pop up in the preview listing.  You can rearrange the photos by clicking and dragging.
  7. Add a title for your listing.
  8. Add a price for your listing. 
  9. Choose the category that most closely fits with your item. 
  10. Next choose the condition of the item. Be honest!
  11. Fill in the brand.
  12. Color is an optional field if it makes sense for the item you are selling.
  13. In the description, go ahead and describe the item you’re selling in the most detailed way possible.  You want people to know what they’re purchasing (good and bad).
  14. Click the blue Next button.
  15. Fill in your location and delivery options. You can either do local pick up or set up shipping.
  16. Click the blue Next button.
  17. Choose whether you want to list publicly or within Facebook groups.
  18. Once you’ve filled everything in, hit the blue Publish button.


  1. Make sure “Send Message to Seller” is available so people can inquire about your item.
  2. If you go to My Listings back on the Marketplace homepage, you can mark an item as sold under that item’s listing.

This was a quick and easy tutorial on how to post items on Facebook Marketplace. If you have any questions, feel free to leave those in the comments below.

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