Today I’m going to talk about how to convert a pages document to Word or PDF files. If you’re a Mac user, you may be keeping notes in Pages and need to save that document in Word or as a PDF. This tutorial will walk you through how to convert your Pages document to a format Windows or pc users can access. 

  1. Open up Pages on your device.
  2. Click File in upper left corner of the screen. 
  3. Select Export to–which will give you different export options.
  4. Click on Word or PDF. They will be located next to each other in the dialog box. 
  5. how to convert Pages documents
  6. If saving as a Word document, you’ll have option to save the document as a .docx or a .doc if someone is using an older version of Word.  You also have the option to require a password if you want. 
  7. If saving as a PDF, make sure the image quality is set to best and select any other options such as comments or require passwords that you would like to include. 
  8. Next, give the document a name and save it in the desired location.
  9. Click the blue export button.

This was a simple way to convert a Pages document to Word or PDF files. If you have any questions, feel free to leave those in the comments below.

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